Friday, February 17, 2012

line them up

this is cole playing on saturday morning. he loves to line his trucks up in a straight line. it amazes me!

today i am 30 weeks pregnant. this pregnant has gone by so fast. a couple of goals of mine before baby noah arrives:
1. make my photo book from years 2010, 2011 and start 2012
2. get pictures of cole printed from the past 21 months!!
3. get caught up on tiny sprouts so i can take some time off and enjoy it with my babies.

i was thinking last night, if we didn't write in baby books, get pictures printed or make picture books, how would our kids know their childhood? i think it is so important that they can look back and see all the fun things they did growing up. because honestly, i can't remember much on details so i am super thankful i wrote them all down.

i will share with you my super easy 2nd year baby book i made for cole. i am all about simplicity when it comes to this stuff so i keep up with it. now if i can just get all of those pictures printed!!