Friday, January 13, 2012

my new laundry room

one of the things i love most about our new home is that it is mostly one level. our bedroom is in the loft but that is the only area that is on a different level. i am in love with our laundry closet. i love having the w&d so close to the bedrooms, i can easily do laundry and not have to leave cole on one level to run down and grab the clean clothes.
so with our move i decided that i was going to attempt cloth diapering with cole again. i cloth diapered 100% for 6 months and then my diapers were leaking. we figured out it was our hard water in indiana. even after a water softener, the diapers were never the same so i switched to earth's best diapers. i really loved them but the expense of them and the waste really started getting to me.
noah's arrival will be here in 3 months and i plan to cloth diaper him anyway, so i figured if i am already washing dirty diapers, i might as well add to it.
now that cole is a bit older, it is a bit messier, but it has not been bad at all so far. i do wash the diapers every night but it is so easy! bry installed a new drying line in our closet so i could dry the diapers overnight. i read the diapers last longer if you line dry.
here's my new laundry area and diapers!

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Fran and Jen said...

You amaze me! How do you do it all?!!