Monday, August 08, 2011

new toy

in the past week cole has become very interested in shapes & putting them through their proper holes. i found this on amazon & ordered it.


it is amazing to me his developments in the past few weeks. here are a few:
1. recognizing people in pictures. especially uncle chad. he was pointing and walking towards his pictures saying, chad. chad.
2. repeating words shortly after we say them.
3. associating bath with bed, light with bed, and certain books with night night
4. putting objects into another
5. putting items back where he got them from
6. doing things when asked. examples, kissing the dogs, putting his food on his tray, signing when he wants more food, when he is all done or when he is ready for bed or nap.

this age is by far my favorite yet. i have loved all of the stages but each one keeps getting better & better!!
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