Saturday, July 09, 2011

10 minute craft day

I love to make things but I don't have a lot of time. so it has to be quick and this is. come along with me to make a personalized hookboard.

this is what you will need:
1. shims
2. hot glue gun & glue stick
3. paint & brush
4. sand paper
5. vintage letter blocks
6. picture hanger
7. clear polyurethane

step one: grab your shims

step two: hot glue 4 of them together, horizontally. don't worry if excess glue comes out. you can sand it off


step three: lightly paint the shims with your favorite color

step four: let dry & lightly sand (shims are rough)
step five: grab your vintage letter blocks

step six: grab your hot glue gun & put glue on the opposite side of the letter & press on your shim board

step seven: apply a coat of clear polyurethane all around the letters if you plan on hanging wet items from. this will protect the wood.

step eight: add your hanger to the back

step nine: smile at your finished 10 minute project.

I made two boards. one using the bright sides of the letters that are raised &

the other board I used the muted letters that are not raised. I love both

I plan on putting this in cole's bathroom one day. I think it will be super cute for him to hang his swim trunks, towel & wash cloth from!
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