Friday, June 03, 2011

horizontal beadboard

I am a sucker for beadboard. when I was 23 & didn't have a great concept of time, I thought I could remodel our bathroom while my, then, boyfriend was at a meeting. I called my friend, she came over to help me demo my bathroom. I really thought I could lay tile, install beadboard, a pedastal sink, mirror and paint in a matter of hours. really, I did. when bry pulled up the vanity was sitting in the front yard. he came in and just shook his head. he called the professionals in. my bathroom was beautiful afterall:

doesn't do it justice. terrible, out of focus, picture

so my next house, or townhome, I want to have horizontal beadboard throughout the downstairs. here are some inspiration pictures!

Guest Bedroom eclectic bedroom

Source: via Dory on Pinterest

I love, love, love to dream about decorating our next home


Erin said...

i just laughed SO HARD!! i can absolutely see you doing this-you have the "go get 'em" drive that takes you places fast :)