Friday, May 06, 2011

very first birthday

a week from tomorrow we will be celebrating cole's very first birthday party. I cannot believe an entire year of his life has passed. those very first months seem like such a blur. thankfully, I have over 6,000 pictures from his first year of life. how overwhelming to search through them. my heart aches at times I see his very first days of life
one of my very very very favorite pictures
education hour in a size "up to 7 pounds" outfit
and others, my heart smiles because I am fortunate enough to capture these moments in real life.

learning to hold his head up. september 2010

valentine's day picture 2011
present day. may 2011

his party will be filled with pictures throughout the year, the perfect balloons & party plates and a wagon filled with a bunch of gifts honoring our sweet cole.
what a fabulous year, I can't say it enough, how blessed I am and this year, I am a mother.