Monday, April 18, 2011

love + 6

yesterday was our 6 year anniversary.

bry and I went on our first night date in over a year. my sister watched cole for the night. it was so strange coming home to an empty house. no baby in the crib. I laid in bed a little after 11 and woke up the next morning fully refreshed.

I made coffee and felt the spring breeze on my face as I sat at our dining room table.

this last year has been different than the previous five. I never knew or could understand just how different it would be having a baby. how you can no longer run out with your husband on a whim or stay out late. everything is scheduled. so this particular evening was the best gift we could have been given for our anniversary. we needed it for us. to reconnect.

as we celebrated our six years last night, we sat hand-in-hand, talking, sharing every detail of what we have felt the past year. how lucky and blessed we are to have our son.

just look at this face

now I am about to go and pickup my sweet baby cole. I miss his face, his breath, his whispy hair, his pale skin.

how lucky I am to be his mama


Rachel said...

Happy Anniversary Tracey! We will be 5 years next week! :) So much to be thankful for! Hugs to you all! xoxo