Saturday, April 02, 2011

the little beach cottage

we've been talking. wouldn't it be amazing to do something completely fun & spontanous for a year of your life? it is a bit hard for us having three dogs & now a child but really, why should that stop us?

we've been talking about living on the beach for a year. can you imagine? we did live on the beach before for 6 months. however, circumstances were different then. we still had three dogs but bry also had a demanding & stressful job. it seemed all his days were work. we rarely walked on the beach. we never rode bikes to the cute breakfast places there. we really didn't take advantage of it as we should.

so I've been looking. of course, right? and this was my find.

this is ONE BLOCK OVER FROM THE BEACH. ONE! and the rent is extremely reasonable for living ON the beach.

the best part about this? it is small. quaint. I want to downsize. I want to live a simple life without a lot of stuff {even though I change my mind on this when I visit homegoods}. 2 bedrooms, 2 bath. 950 square feet. cute, huh?

imagine how cute this could be if I could put our stuff in it and decorate it better. white towels, big rugs, clear glass. simple, simple. simple.


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Alisha said...

just glancing at your blog and had to comment on this one. Me and my hubs are having some of the same conversations lately...about living somewhere else, downsizing, the beach, etc. ...and we've got a 14 month old in tow.