Tuesday, March 22, 2011

new townhome

we are considering moving back to the sunshine state. this winter has been beyond hard on bry. and that means hard on me. because I hate to see him so down. I think he had seasonal depression time 10,000. is that possible?

so while we were on our florida vacation we began looking around. we wanted to find the area we'd like to move to.

we found it in a day. it is an area called westchese and it is very family friendly. walking to the store, starbucks, the library, school, shops, restaurant. it is awesome.

we looked at this townhome the day before we left. I, of course, loved it. mind you it is not how I'd like it but this is what I'd do:

put beadboard in this entire room, 3/4 of the way up the wall with a picture ledge. remove carpet and add hand-scraped hardwood floors

gut this entire bathroom. add a pedastal, wooden mirror, new light and penny tile.

same here. plus removing the tub.

this is off of the master bedroom. I LOVE that about this place. so peaceful.

master bedroom, looks small in this picture but was a great size.

upstairs hallway

guest room/office. love these french doors.

cole testing the carpet

and the BEST part. this room under the stairs. it would so be cole's playroom. chalkboard paint is a must!
cole's room.
I love love love to decorate a home!


twolittletots said...

i am the same way and i have lived in MN or WI my whole life. this winter has been one of the worst in a long time and i can't take much more of it. get him some vitamin D3, it does help a little bit. but, i would be moving as well if i could!

Danielle A said...

love that area, great location! you are close to so many things and activities.