Saturday, December 18, 2010

what a year can bring

last year around this time we were about to find out what we were having. I remember feeling so elated.

today we were sitting in cole's nursery & bry held him up high & said, last year you were in mama's belly & this year you are 7 months old!

it made me realize {even more} how incredibly blessed we are. how this baby of ours has made my marriage better than it has ever been. how it has made bry a happier, nicer, sweeter, caring person. I liked him a lot before but I am so much more in love with him now. and how I love every day being able to be a mom!

as this week begins the final week of christmas I want to sit back & relax a bit, enjoy this time we've been awaiting. cole is simply the best gift we could have ever been given!


Rachel said...

Enjoy your first Christmas as a family! Merry Christmas to you all!!!