Sunday, October 03, 2010

time stand still

this is one of my first pictures with cole
{please don't judge, this is after 31 hours of painfree labor}

I remember it feeling so surreal that he was lying on my chest when hours before he was inside me. I will never forget that feeling.

this fall weather is perfect. I love this time of year. if only I could take this time in our lives and pause.

each day I am trying to take more and more time with cole. one thing I promised myself when he was first born was to, every day, take a nap with him. I am so glad I did that when he was small enough that he fell asleep on my chest

he is now so big and strong when I try to do this he lifts his head and looks around

I am an emotional sap lately. please feel sorry for my husband because I know he can't possibly understand the way I feel as a mother. I know he thinks I am crazy that I can cry as much as I do over the smallest things.

I am going to enjoy this next week still getting caught up on orders. I haven't been able to take any time off {yet} but my plan is to complete all orders this week & take a few days off with cole & bry.

reopening on october 10. promise


Tiffany said...

girl...I feel ya! sometimes I just look at Maddox & start crying! being a mom is such a huge blessing...the emotions are overwhelming at times :)