Friday, September 17, 2010

one year ago today

I found out I was pregnant. my sister and I used to joke that bry's kid was on this video (you must watch to understand why I did what I did)

so the night I found I was pregnant I was beyond shocked. I called my sister frantic.
she said, "what's wrong, did you get attacked by dogs in your neighborhood?"

I said,"no, no!"

she said, "what?"

{I was feeling guilty telling her first before bry}

but I said, "I THINK I AM PREGNANT".

she said, "really? why?"

I said, "yes, "I took a test and it was a big fat positive".

so I had about an hour before bry got home and I was dying to tell him. I quickly made him this shirt & wrapped it up in a little box. I knew he'd remember the video and know what it meant.

it was my best surprise ever!


JoAnna said...

Cole is precious. My how your life has *changed* this year! Congrats, mama!

Fran and Jen said...

What a CUTE way to tell him!! So creative, I LOVE it!!

Rachel said...

Great Story!!!! I remember that commercial and the little cute! Adorable should sell these too! :)

Cereal In My Stiletto said...

How sweet. Seriously...Cole is adorable!!