Monday, August 23, 2010

inspiration for change

see this picture?

this is my sweet little sugar muffin at two days old. seriously, look. how. tiny.

melts my heart.

but my whole reason to show that picture is those jammies. nice fit and a beautiful shade of blue.

one thing I hated when we came home from the hospital was not having newborn sized clothing. everyone said, "don't buy newborn, he won't be in it but a few days." this just wasn't true for us. we got a good five weeks out of newborn sized clothing.

stayed tuned for those jammies and lots of other great goodies coming to our new tiny sprouts line this fall. I am beyond excited. it is going to be really, really good.

fresh & new. I need change. plus, having a baby made me realize just what things I needed to add to tiny sprouts and to take away.

and also, a reminder to those of you who are not on fb or our newsletter, our photo contest is ending wednesday. here are the guidelines and rules:

"do you want a chance to win free tiny sprouts gear? do you have mad photography skills? if so, send me a picture of your work featuring your child! if I pick you I will send you some pieces from our new ts line for you to photograph your child in for our site.

please keep in mind the feel of tiny sprouts photos; outdoor shots... in fields or around nature, indoor shots in old homes, a modern yet vintage look--be creative!


1. send to no later than friday, august 27, the sooner the better as selections will be made as soon as possible..
2. in email include picture, child's name & size
3. looking for babies ages 0-18 months fitting in clothing up to 18 months
4. I will email you back if you've won. you will then be sent a piece of our new ts merchandise to photograph your child in!"