Saturday, June 19, 2010

my new love

my new love (other than baby cole) are canvas prints. I read an article from my photographer's fb page ( about how bigger is better when it comes to pictures.

so last week I purchased a 16x20 canvas from for $38. that is right, $38. they are having a 40% off sale right now so you can't be it. I received the canvas in the mail and it is stunning. it seriously looks like an oil painting. and the article was right, bigger is better. it is sitting atop our fireplace mantel and it now is a statement in that room.

so this morning I purchased the rights to some of cole's newborn pictures and had more big canvases made. I know I will not always want to have his newborn pictures hanging but I really want to cherish & remember the time he was this small. one day I want to have a hallway full of pictures of all the stages of our lives.

happy saturday to you all!


Cereal In My Stiletto said...

Um, yes. I immediately said, "38?!" That is incredible. I've been on a continuous hunt for 'deals' when it comes to canvas prints. Thanks for the website..I may have to check into that!!