Sunday, June 13, 2010

happy sunday!

mama loves this outfit & booties on me. I now weigh over 10 pounds & fit in size 0-3 clothing. I'm growing up so fast!

p.s. why can't the iphone/ipod take better pictures than this?!?!


roberta said...

hellò Tracey! your baby Cole is so beautiful. by the photo it seems blond. he is old less than one month but is grown a lot! looking him I understand why you don't write often like before his arrive. I think that these are precious moment for all you.

roberta said...

Tracey, when you have time to spend, I invite you to visit my blog. (you can read about my 1st giveaway. I wrote about in the page "giveaway" obviously is open to everyone).
un abbraccio,

the rodriguez crew said...

He is adorable!! You would love the app called shakeit. It makes the iPhone pics look awesome.