Friday, June 25, 2010


this morning I had to leave my little stink bug for a doctor's appointment. oh, the guilt I felt. why do we as moms put so much pressure on ourselves? I was leaving cole with his dada so why do I feel guilty? then after my appointment I went to stitch for a few hours. I felt guilt again. does this ever get better? I guess I feel like I will miss something and I don't want to! I turned on ellen and jennifer lopez was talking about the hardest thing about motherhood. her answer, GUILT.

last night cole slept from 10:30-7:30. seriously, we are still in shock.

and two of the best inventions:
1. drive-thur pharmacies
2. hands free pumping bra (

happy friday!


Sarah said...

Cute picture! The guilt is hard, but it seems like it gets easier as they age. I was a huge fan of the hands-free pumping bra, too. And I'd add the drive-thru coffee shop to that list! :) That time away, as hard as it is, may be just what you need to recharge and give motherhoood your all.

JoAnna said...

It gets easier! When my oldest was born, I remember my new awareness of all businesses with a drive-thrus. So helpful!
You're doing a great job! It's important to make some time for you. :)

robertacanestro said...

I am not a mother but I know that all women feel guilty when they come off even for a few minutes from their child.
you aren't the first or the last.

twolittletots said...

The guilt is very hard, but I think it gets better as they get older. And the guilt is different and changes as they get older, because they need different things from you.

But, it is good for you, him and daddy to get out of the house and enjoy a little be of 'you' time. It is really, really me!

Molly W. said...

I've been a mom for 3 and a half years and I would say the guilt never goes away...its always something!! I don't know why we do it. sigh.

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

I concur that the feeling of guilt is normal and does subside as children get older. Just remember not to feel too guilty when you're having "me" time. Me Time is good so you're refreshed for Baby Time. :)