Sunday, May 23, 2010

questions & answers

thank you for all of your comments, emails & phone calls about our sweet son, baby cole. we are so in love with our new lives, our new son & are so thankful for him.

some questions I have received the past few days:

1. q: when will you reopen for business?
a: we are NOT closed. please continue placing your orders as usual. shipping time frames (10-12 business days to ship after the day you order) are the same. if you need your order by a certain date you can always let me know. I am able to do orders between feedings and naps so please don't worry.

2. q: where did you get the milk onesie that was on your blog?
a: baby gap. they also have it in the short sleeve version now

3. q: how was your delivery & the birth of cole?
a: it was awesome & long. I will share a post about this later as it deserves it! we taped the birth of him and it is truly amazing.

4. q: how are his feedings going?
a: awesome! he is quite the eater. the lactation consultant said at the hospital he was the poster child for breastfeeding because he opens his mouth really big. we are trying to establish some sort of schedule (though very hard with a baby) but mama & dada are a team & working together so we both get lots of rest.

5. q: did he wear a tiny sprouts outfit home?
a: yes he did! a welcome home outfit, in fact. and it was a hit at the hospital. it was so fun to walk around with him in something I made for him. I love seeing his name and his face together.


Anonymous said...

Hellò Tracey! Welcome at home to you, your husband and your little Cole. He is so sweet. I am happy for you.
My sincerily congratulaciones.

Rachel said...

Welcome Home! I'm glad to hear that all went well with the birth--it truly is the most miraculous thing in the world! Cole is such a beautiful baby. He will forever make your heart sing & dance. Congrats again. He's perfect...and you look GREAT also!! :) Glad that the breastfeeding is going well also--that was the most amazing & rewarding experience!

Fran and Jen said...

You're home!! You look wonderful and Cole is precious! Can't wait to see more of him!

twolittletots said...

i have been thinking about you. so happy to hear you are home and doing well...enjoy that little baby!