Friday, May 07, 2010

14 days {or less}

this kid is still a cookin'. he finally flipped a few weeks ago! so now we are just awaiting his arrival. I have 14 days {or less} until my world changes--completely.

I am so excited and so ready.

I do have the option of being induced a week from monday should I like but I think the best thing for him is to stay in as long as he can! BUT the exciting part is, 2 weeks from today I will for sure have a baby (I am not able to go past 40 weeks)!

2 weeks!

for now I am dreaming of his arrival, our time together and him wearing these booties

and this onesie

and of snuggling with him while waiting for the sun to rise. I feel very blessed.


Alana said...

enjoy the anticipation! just got news of a new baby cousin in our family tonight---there's nothing more wonderful than a new life!

Sunny said...

gives me goosebumps thinking about the baby's arrival! i know it's been a journey, so i'm so excited that he'll be here in two short weeks. thinking of you always.


wanda said...

Tracy: I will add you the baby and your hubby to my daily prayers. Praying for a safe and peaceful delivery. Until, get plenty of rest and enjoy the time you and hubby have alone with your doggies until your little one joins all of you. Your lives will never be the same and you will forever be blessed for that.
Love and prayers.

Sarah said...

I'm excited for you! Now I will share the advice I give to all almost-first-time parents....go enjoy a movie or two! That "no big deal" thing became a real luxury after my first child was born.

Rachel said...

Sooooo excited for you! And so happy that he flipped! :) I wish you a perfect birthing experience! :) Here's to the most wonderful day in the world! HUGS.