Friday, April 16, 2010

house dreaming

I love looking at houses. love it. old and newer like this:

we went to a new area of town today that is just peaceful. lots of land and hills. it is very midwest. I am all for older homes because I love the character of them and the history. but sometimes I want to have open. like this

I'd love to paint those kitchen cabinets cream and redo the baseboards to chunky ones. and to add beadboard with a big fat ledge for pictures.

and I'd love to have some water behind our next house. it is one of the things I miss most about our townhome.

and a big basement for bry. he'd love this area!

here's to dreams!


Stephanie said...

I house dream all the time...only right now it actually might be coming true! But having to actually pic out interiors = SO daunting!

Love your page, and your products! My bestie just had a baby I might need to go shopping!