Saturday, April 03, 2010

easter bunny basket CRAFT

my idea started with this drawing of a bunny
{blogger keeps rotating my picture}

so I ran to the craft store and purchased felt squares in cream x 6, chocolate x 1 & pink x 1. the felt was made from recycled plastic bottles!!

I drew the body of the bunny and then cut it out. I wanted the basket to be thick so I doubled the felt for each side of the basket (2 pieces per side).

then I cut out the ears

I measured the candy I bought for them. I wanted it to go on the outside in a cute pocket

then I cut the pocket and stitched it on

then I drew the eyes and nose and attached a pom pom for the nose

then stitched the pink ears to the cream ears

then the ears to one side of the bag. I also doubled the felt for the cream part of the ears to make it thicker. next was stitching the top part of the bag. this way the felt wouldn't come apart since this is the opening.

I then combined the front and back and stitched all the way around the back (except for the top, of course)

I then decided green pom poms would look better for the eyes, so I added those

then I added the handle (I realized later that this should have been done a bit sooner but no biggie). I chose thick twill ribbon

I then filled each bag with vintage easter books I found yesterday

and filled the cute pocket with easter bubble gum in the shape of eggs

this project was SO fun! it cost me $3.00 to make two bags and took 3 hours total. I can't wait to give these to elsa & brennan tomorrow!



twolittletots said...

really cute, thanks for the step by step too!

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

I love the little chocolate pocket!

Fran and Jen said...

I want one for Emily!!! Soooo cute! You should sell these on TS!!