Friday, April 23, 2010

beachy house

my new love

I'm obsessed lately with new, yet old looking homes

especially with a porch

love the piano windows in the dining room. I'd immediately paint this room cream!

one of my dreams is to relearn the piano again one day. I played for 10 years when I was younger and I became really good. I loved it.

this family room is so awesome. I LOVE natural light

though this kitchen is not my favorite, I love how open and big. cream cabinets would look better and fewer doors. simple changes, right?

this study is cute. I'd love silver sage as the paint color in here.

this laundry room is awesome. how great to have a sink!

I love all the windows and the french doors in the master. so beautiful!

and this basement bedroom is so cool with the brick wall

the back

back deck for bbq

and a yard for my dogs!

anyone have $1/2 million?


Fran and Jen said...
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Fran and Jen said...

I love this house!! It's new but does not look cookie cutter. 1/2 million is not that bad for what you get. 1/2 million in CA will not get you something that nice for sure!

Let's move in together, and we can split the price, LOL! J/K Where do you find all of these cool houses? I go on, but get overwhelmed with all the listings!

denzel said...

cool blog!

tracey said...

hey jen! I search on for this particular area it is not that large so it wasn't too overwhelming. a lot of times I'll search by zip code, then age of home and a few must-haves for our next house! hope this helps!!