Wednesday, March 24, 2010

beach clothes

I am in that uncomfortable stage in pregnancy. the bad part about that is that I still have almost 8 weeks left. I want to wear lounge pants everywhere. I was looking for some comfy {beach} clothes because we are headed to florida! WOOHOO!!! I thought these pants from old navy would be perfect for beach walking

on one of the reviews the girl said exactly what I needed to read, "these pants are to die for! They are the perfect soloution to those "I feel like a fat cow, and I have nothing to wear" days."


twolittletots said...

so happy you are headed to the sunshine state...enjoy! only 8 weeks left...that is wonderful...and means i need to get your package out the door...i have not forgotten, just been so busy!

Mary Beth said...

Hi! I found your website from the Vintage Pearl and I fell in love with all of your handmade goodies! I won the giveaway from the vintage pearl and am so excited! I am so glad I found you!