Thursday, March 04, 2010

almost five years

I love this picture

it is hard to believe it was taken 5 1/2 years ago shortly before our wedding. next month we will celebrate five years of marriage. already.

time goes so fast. I feel like I know bry so much better now than I used to. at times I think I can finish his sentences or tell you exactly what he is thinking. I am sure this is common in marriage though.

I was thinking today about how five years have gone so fast. how we have lived in five different homes since then. how we moved 1200 miles together. how in a few months we will become parents. together.

I am really excited about our anniversary this year. we are staying here for two nights together.

I am excited to see what's in store the next five years together!


twolittletots said...

so cute! happy 5 years.