Thursday, February 11, 2010

spring is near

I am really enjoying the seasons. I know most people are tired of winter by now but I have been enjoying the snow. I think having different seasons makes you really appreciate the warmer ones. like when the tulips start to bloom

we have a lot to look forward to this spring. I imagine a brand new baby with tiny toes and fingers snuggled on me in our cozy bed. I want to get some new spring bedding this year. these are my current loves:

and I just love this picture

pottery barn makes the best quilts. we purchased one from target several years ago and it is a plain quilt. we change our bedding mid-season and added our target quilt. we quickly changed back to a pottery barn quilt because the target was rough, thin and not as cozy. if you hold out long enough pottery barn always has great sales. one of my favorite quilts I purchased for $35 for a king!


Debra said...

I received my order today, the newborn footed pjs. They are beautiful!! The personalization is perfect and turned out even cuter than I was hoping! It will be the perfect coming home outfit for our 3rd child...and probably one of the only new things he/she will have for a while since we have tons of boy and girl hand-me-downs! Thank you so much!

Continued good luck on your pregnancy...4 weeks to go here.