Sunday, February 07, 2010

productive day

I can already tell my chore charts are helping! this morning I woke, completed three tiny sprouts orders and then began to clean. these two rooms were not on my "day" but I had to get them finished in order to mop the floors.

my mom is making new curtains for the family room. I can't wait.

I rearranged the dining room furniture. I am planning on having some pillows added to all the chairs. I think it would make it feel very lived in. I hate how empty our dining room table is. trying think of something to spice it up.

I LOVE my new curtains for our dining room. they were my christmas gift from my mom

my style does not change much but it is funny the things that have changed. 5 years ago I would never have had curtains, just white blinds. now I want more color. 5 years ago I would have hated cream walls and wanted every room another color. now I am opposite. 5 years ago I would have wanted a leather couch. now I want comfy cozy with a nice design.

sunday chores (for those who asked):
-dust baby room
-clean baby room windows
-empty the recycle
-do 2 loads of laundry
-fold and put away laundry
-mop main level floors

feels so good to have a game plan even though I didn't get around to moping the floors. I will tomorrow because I have most of monday completed!