Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I think I need you

I received the spring pottery barn catalog and pursued it over my quaker oats this morning. I think I need these two things for the baby room:

by his window. tweet tweet

I have been looking for a hamper/laundry basket for his room but I want it to look old. doesn't this?

my husband leaves for florida in 2 days for 5 days. sigh. I am happy for him but will miss his face.

I hate tax season. now being indiana residents we owe $1200. oh, and we found out our home in florida has active termites. $900.

OUCH. bye bye florida vacation. it was nice dreaming about you.


erik and kristi said...

omg, i need that laundry basket!! beautiful picks!!

Fran and Jen said...

These are both so adorable for the nursery! And they can easily be used in other rooms when you no longer have a need for them in the nursery. I like the hamper for our laundry room! So old fashioned looking!

Don't you just love PBK!! We have a store here in CS and most of the sales associates know us! We already bought Emily a kitchen set, and she is only 6 months old! It was on clearance and we couldn't pass it up!

kaylin rose and mara anne said...

love that laundry basket...wish i had a space for it in my house.

i don't want to get our taxes done this year...with the bad year, i so hope we don't have to pay sorry...because i am too dreaming of a warm weather vacation...i so hope i can get one!

ps: making your diaper clutch this weekend...made one it and gave it to my girlfriend who had a baby boy yesterday!