Thursday, January 28, 2010


so can you tell by now I no longer have an iphone? I am on my computer a lot more now that I can't surf the web from the comforts of my cozy couch!

today has been one of those days that I have just felt emotional. we are heading to florida in early march to say goodbye to our little yellow house

is it silly that I love it so much? we will be staying there for the last time (well, hopefully). I want nothing more for it to sell but at the same time I want someone to love it like we did. like adding touches like our bead board addition

or a new shower

and whomever buys it to appreciate this built-in

and the herb garden I started a few summers ago in this super cool sink in our backyard

and picking oranges from the orange tree outback

I love that house but I love being near my family more and love our current house even more. it is just sometimes hard to say goodbye to something you love


kaylin rose and mara anne said...

i understand your pain...we have looked a little for new house, but i just can't leave this house...i love it! i would miss it so much, but it is too small for sad. we will either have to add on or move at some point, just not ready yet!

`Schnookums said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog :)