Tuesday, January 12, 2010


freedom is what I am feeling tonight. I finally decided it was time to part with my iphone

I was obsessed with it to say the least. I would text all the time, anywhere and I was driving myself CRAZY. I would check my email all the time and it was consuming me. ALL. DAY. LONG.
I now have the basic, 1980's cell phone and I am loving it. sure it will take time to get used to no longer texting and checking emails on my phone but I feel like I will have more time to get things done, to actually talk to people on the phone rather than through a text. now my old iphone is my ipod for my new car stereo I got for christmas.


kaylin rose and mara anne said...

you make me laugh...so cute!

Fran and Jen said...
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Fran and Jen said...

so true! I was just having this same conversation with my husband last night! Oprah, had a show about this a few days ago too. Technology ruining families, nobody is communicating anymore etc. These days I rarely watch t.v. but am so glad I saw that episode! It really was an eye opener! When we took Emily to get her pics taken with santa, there was a 5 year old little girl there that was scared of santa and crying. Her dad told her, but don't you want an ipod? You have to tell santa if you want him to bring you an ipod! Oh Lord! What happened to playing with dolls, or playing outside!