Thursday, December 10, 2009

best gift

if I could have anything for christmas it would be to adopt a few old labs. I know we can't and won't now but one day when we have a lot of land I really want to do this. I just love old labs. their faces, their temperament, and the gray they inherit when they get older.

check out this sweet girl:

her name is ellie. and a little of her story, "Poor sweet Ellie ended up in a terrible shelter when her family could not care for her any longer.....When she first came to she was very upset at losing her family. She was listless and mourned for days."

breaks my heart. I would love to bring her here and love on her.

and this guy:

his name is jackson and it is said he is " a laid back sweetheart in the body of a portly gentleman."

one day when we have lots of this


Aura said...

I have an old man lab, and he's getting his gray beard this year. Labs just make my heart melt, they're the best dogs ever.

Anonymous said...


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