Monday, November 30, 2009

fun thanksgiving

what an absolute treat this thanksgiving was this year. we went to ohio with all three dogs and spent a few days. there are so many things I loved about this thanksgiving. mainly it was the people

mil, bil, bry and me and a cousin giving the famous bunny ears

this isn't the greatest picture but I love the surroundings. everyone was so happy and nice and granny (bry's grandmother) kept saying, "look at my beautiful family"

I think I could write a book on all the reasons I love bry's granny. she just melts my heart

if we have a boy, I am going to name him victor after this guy. he is just the best

and this is what sophie did most of the time, staring at the cat, the cat would chase her and make sophie yelp and tuck her tail. then she'd start right back over

and my hair looked really good this trip

I normally don't care much about my hair but since I am pregnant and feel somewhat gross, nice hair made me feel better.