Monday, November 23, 2009

bye bye hand-dyed

it has finally come. I can no longer handle all that tiny sprouts brings. earlier this year I finally ended the kraft paper gift wrap and outer packaging. the time it saves me is well worth it because my replacement is far better. instead of a wrapped outer package, it comes in a weather-proof tyvek kraft envelope. and instead of gift wrap in kraft paper, you now receive a kraft box. more of a keepsake, I think

now finally, I am ending almost all hand-dyed products. I had come to a point where I just wasn't as proud of my products. maybe because I look at them all day but I really want the *wow* factor when someone receives a tiny sprouts package. so new pictures will be coming in earlier january but for now, here are some new colors:


powder (same name but a bit deeper blue)

cotton candy (same name but a richer pink, not as babyish)

squash (looks just like my old hand-dyed)




possibly slate (I need to see it in person first)

I am keeping rose because I love it and it is easier to dye and my favorite, cream

I feel really great about this decision. I am so excited to receive all the new colors. no more worrying about dye spots! now I can focus on delivering a very unique and quality product


kaylin rose and mara anne said...

i think your product will still be special, because it is made with love by you.

would you share where you get your envelopes from...i have been looking for a long time for these...would love to know, if you are willing to share.

SandraJS said...

I think I may have gotten your products both ways, "pre" hand-dyed and hand-dyed. They were both beautiful and the new ones will be as well. I have given your baby clothes as gifts and bought the for my own little girl and they are always "oohed and ahhed". Your care and dedication really show through!