Thursday, October 29, 2009

today was the day

I had to turn over to maternity pants. I didn't know how long this would take or how I would feel when I got there. today I, well, just felt fat. I am in that in-between stage of feeling like I've gained enough weight that I need to go on a diet. then after picking out an outfit and it not fitting, I burst into tears. silly, I know. because I am so happy to be pregnant. bry was so nice about the whole thing. he explained to me that this is the way my body is going to be, my body is preparing for a baby and things are going to be changing. then he told me about the belly band. seriously, how does he know about the belly band? I really felt like he was a salesperson. he explained how they work, what you do and how long you can wear it. then he told me he was taking me to lunch and shopping for a new pair of pants. so today, I got my first pair of maternity pants and I feel so much better.


kaylin rose and mara anne said...

funny! i remember that day too...i was only 7 weeks prego and i could not button my jeans anymore...and my work pants...i think i was crying one day when i came home, because my belly hurt so bad, because they were too small...i could not take in anymore.

loved my belly bands during and after the babies!


the rodriguez crew said...

y'all are so adorable!!!