Friday, October 02, 2009

first baby picture

though you really can't see much, the baby is there! it is the little stick hanging off the circle. in a few weeks we should be able to hear the heartbeat and see a little bit more detail in the baby.
it's amazing, though, what is going on with that little "stick" right now.
-his eyes and nostrils are beginning to form
-his ears are beginning to emerge
-his arms and legs are little buds
-his heart is beating 100-160 times a minute
-all of his intestines are forming
-and the rest of his brain, muscles & bones are forming



kaylin rose and mara anne said...

YAY! again, i could not be happier for you guys...this is so wonderful.

Janelle said...

Congratulations! I've been reading your blog for awhile and hope to be a Tiny Sprouts customer one day soon - I'm so happy for you and your hubby!

Cereal In My Stiletto said...

Fearfully and wonderfully made! So excited for you.

marlene said...

congrats!!!! just read about your AMAZING news!!! yeah!!!!

Hiles said...

I am so excited for you :)

Simply Mel said...

Congratulations to you! No doubt you are going to be an incredible mama and this little baby is already LOVED so much!

Derice said...

Cutest little baby bean eva!

Aura said...

Congrats on your exciting news!! I just found your blog, and I was really excited to run across it. My dream has always been to open my own baby boutique, and run my business from home one day, so I was really inspired when I read your interview on Life With Little Ones. I just quit my side business of doing childrens photography, so I could focus more on the store. I'll look forward to your posts in the future, especially as you get ready to go through all these amazing changes with bringing a baby home! I can't wait until my husband and I are ready to be there! Have a great Saturday!