Monday, June 15, 2009

welcome home

bry arrives in about an hour. I spent saturday evening rearranging this house. it didn't feel homey yet and my goal was to make it just that by the time he came home. here is a tour of our home.

our bedroom. I moved a rug here, lamps and lots of pictures.
so nice in here now!

our bathroom. I added a shower curtain for some color and FINALLY hung my simple wall vases. I love this space now.

elsa's room/guest room/baby room. I rearranged this room. and I have more curtains they just aren't here yet! I love the simplicity of this room.

hallway. I added these picture frames I've had since 2004. still need pictures!

landing. I added this bench and picture we already had. I love this picture. my grandma made it

our family room. nothing was done in here. I still need to take the sheer drapes down and add the linen curtain we purchased. soon!

the dining room. LOVE this room now. I added mini chairs I've had for years and frames. I still need to add pictures to them and add a curtain but this room feels so homey now. let's eat!

added this entry rug made of jute. sophie approves.

one side of our kitchen. I framed these pictures. I love the color it adds.

half bath. I moved this rug from our room. I have one more idea for this area to make it feel more like a room....

laundry room. I moved this dresser, chair, picture and accessories so this space felt more like a room. I LOVE this area now.

bry's side in the basement. I added this rug and some pillows for his couch.

we are really lucky to have such a beautiful home to rent. I love this place!


Jennifer Williams said...

It looks AWESOME!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE white walls!!!!

Cade and Cora said...

Wow Tracey! It looks so great! You're so good!

All Things Considered said...

everything looks so good! i love the blue nightstand that you have in your room! i'm suuuuper jealous that you have that old house to rent (+ all of the trees)!!!