Friday, June 05, 2009

latest addictions

I've noticed lately I have been doing the same things this week. these are my latest addictions:
- 100,000 pyramid
-jimmy johns
-afternoon naps
-gas station coffee with flavored creamer
-my new white jeans
-mcdonalds iced coffee
-antique stores

productive things I want to be addicted to next week:
-preparing 2 new recipes
-cleaning out the guest room closet
-hanging pictures in the dining room
-making homemade bread
-putting the finishing touches on the master
-perfecting a nap in the hammock


Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

Perfecting a nap in a hammock is a dream of mine! Good luck and Happy Weekend!

Jennifer Williams said...

we had jimmy john's last veggie around!!!!!!!!

Brooke W said...

never in a million years would I guess you'd be addicted to gas station coffee with flavored creamer. you know those things are 100% hydrogenated oils!? haha