Sunday, June 28, 2009

the 1952 toaster

while in ohio, we visited bry's other grandmother too. bry kept saying, wait until you see her toaster. it is spotless, he said. so we arrived to her house and bry asked that she show me her toaster. she got it out and I made her pose for a picture

it is not just any toaster. she has had it since 1952 and received it at her bridal shower. I think it is so neat that she has had it that long and it looks BRAND new! I found this ad from when that very same toaster came out

it sold for $22.50 in 1949


Brooke W said...

Can you believe that still works? I mean, nothing made today lasts that long. Most of our appliances break within a few years. They used to make things so much better!

Janelle said...

That was a lot of money in 1949!