Thursday, May 07, 2009

she's my punky

sophie wasn't feeling well last night and it was evident. you know immediately when she is not well because she is completely calm. this isn't normal with her.

I laid by her side with my head on her pillow and cried. I knew she was hurting and there was nothing I could do. she put her head next to me and I wrapped my hands around her dainty paws.

I regretted in that moment ever being mad at her for being crazy or barking too much or just not listening.

I couldn't imagine our life without her. I made her a bed of cloth diapers so she would be extra cozy and hoped in the morning she'd be feeling better. we went to the vet bright and early and they are running some tests. it could be diabetes, could be her kidneys not functioning properly or it could be nothing at all.

keeping our fingers crossed!


Brooke W said...

awww...poor punky :( I hope she feels better....keep me updated!!!

Derice said...

Thoughts and prayers for Sophie. Hopefully it's just the flu.