Thursday, May 14, 2009

pure happiness

today started off making me grouchy. 1. we are trying to refinance our house in florida but because of all the foreclosures in our area, our house value has depreciated so much that we are unable to refinance. obama set up a plan through your mortgage company allowing you to refinance your mortgage if you are current but unable because of the situation in your area. BUT because we are responsible home owners and found someone to rent our home (for less than half of what our mortgage is!) we do not qualify because they view it as an "investment property". seriously? 2. the place we were taking to board our dogs is closed on the day we leave. sigh...

I made myself some coffee and decided to cheer up. and THEN.....this hit my inbox:

now I am a giddy giddy gumdrop. isn't jenna the best?!