Friday, May 29, 2009

more photos!

it is so hard for me to wait to share these until the new site is up!
so here goes...

these will be the new style of pants offered. they have a bit of flair to them and are not so 1980's tapered. and even though I can't hand-dye chocolate, I am thinking of offering them anyway. who doesn't love chocolate?

this is my new favorite thread combo: mauve, pumpkin and chocolate

love anything with that vintage feel. this picture does just that!

not only do I love the texture in this picture with the bricks and grass but I love the simplicity of this dress in milk with pink thread.

isn't she the sweetest? I love her little smile. this is the new style onesie and tee that will be offered. no more lap-shoulder tee! I love these onesies and tees SO much more than my previous and the cut is much more generous


Anonymous said...

When will the new clothes be available to order?