Friday, May 22, 2009

i will

my friend keeps telling me


I will, won't I? is it greedy if I say I want two babies? twins? I always thought it would be so fun. and I already know I am crazy.

so I thought instead of being sad that we are not there yet, I will be happy for the moment when we ARE.

so I bought some bibs!

I love the modern baby, formally quilt-baby
her bibs are awesome! (we already have 3!)


Lara said...

it will happen. a baby will come into your lives one way or another at some point. and it will be the right point. i know it.

Derice said...

You WILL have a baby. And you will be a great mom. Of those two things you can be sure.

Jennifer Williams said...

You WILL!! You are on the path to get you to your babies. It has not been an easy path, but it will get you to your destination. Sometimes it is not a straight road, sometimes it is hilly and has turns we were not expecting. You have done a great job. It is just so close now so each day feels like 20. Just keep buying those bibs!! Their days are coming!

Jenna said...

I admire your spirit, and don't have anything else really to say, except for I'm thinking of you. And your babies are going to be SO stylish. I may have to even make the trek down there to catch them on camera.

kaylin rose and mara anne said...

you are too cute. you will have a baby...and be a wonderful mom.

piscarie said...

I always think and feel that I will have twins too . I m single and have no plans to get one soon buy the day I get them I m ready with their names too . Wish you all the luck for yours.