Monday, March 30, 2009

i might have to settle

I really want to get our house put together. our family room is complete. check. our kitchen is complete. check two. bedroom almost finished. it is the dining room that I really want finished. I really, really want the pottery barn table but the price is outrageous and we wouldn't be able to get it for about 4 more months, I think. I would rather have something similar and have a table than to continue eating on my husband's plastic tailgate table! so this is the table I am thinking about with the bench.

and this rug

I love it!


Rosie Toesies said...

I actually prefer the second table better. I love the bench. How fun! I also love World Market. It's one of my favorite stores!

Carolyne said...

Oh, what wouldn't I give for a Pottery Barn table! Lately, I've been checking out Craigslist for a used Pottery Barn luck, but then I have no money, so it's all good.

I love the bench, totally makes more since to have a bench when you've got young kids...that way they can't lean back on their chairs.

GRAS.GRUEN said...

Great homestyle !!!

Jen said...

I have a world market table and it is FABULOUS. They are made so well! i have tons of furniture from there!

citybird designs said...

that looks just like our table! but ours is from world market. LOVE it except that the wood dents easily.