Sunday, February 08, 2009

how about them apples?

I don't know why these apples make me so darn happy. I love them. I can't wait to put them in our new kitchen in the window. I stole the idea from the girl we are renting our house from. she had real ones in the window the day we looked at it and I loved it.

it just felt like home. tonight I couldn't wait to get home and get a kiss from stewart. he is always so happy to see us and always has something in his mouth. most times my shoe.
it is supposed to snow on thursday. I am so excited to see our dogs romp in the snow. it will feel so good to be home again.
thanks to all of you who have stopped your busy lives to say goodbye to us as we make this big move. it means a lot to those who have made time for us for dinner, to help us pack or to just get together one last time while we live here.


Brooke W said...

Oh, Stewart...he really does always have something in his mouth when he greets you-literally always something-it's so funny to see him run to the's like he doesn't know what to do with him self, he's so excited-so he sticks a shoe in his mouth! haha...I'm SO EXCITED FOR YOUR seems like just yesterday you were telling me about this awesome house in indy you found!!!!