Saturday, February 14, 2009

feels like home

it has almost been 24 hours since we received the keys to our new house. yesterday was crazy busy but good. the dogs are so confused but seem to be settling in to our new place. last night was their first night not sleeping with us. I actually was able to move my legs throughout the night. sophie had the hardest time of all. she was crying at the gate and after a few hours she finally laid down. this morning I took the dogs on a nice, long walk. the sun had just risen and the air was crisp. it was so nice. we might just live in the friendliest neighborhood. yesterday we had 5 people stop by to welcome us. one person even brought us homemade english muffins. it feels so good to be back home!


carmen said...

you live in the 2nd friendliest n'hood - irvington being the first. haha...totally kidding. welcome home! love the new house. cute!

Jennifer Williams said...

congrats on you new home!! miss you already!!

Derice said...

Welcome home. Was it your best Valentine's Day ever?

Michelle Savin said...

So, excited for you. Glad you are home.
The house is amazing. love it.
best, michelle

kelly spellane said...

Congrats on being back home! Homemade english muffins... now that sounds like a nice place to live. :-) Best wishes to you guys with the new house!!

-Kelly Spellane