Sunday, February 08, 2009

office chair?

I am in love with the chairs on

seriously cute. I would love to have ONE for an accent chair in a room. I can't do patterns on any big piece of furniture because I have to change things about every month. I get tired of looking at the same pillows, bedding, rugs. that is why I stuck with these chairs that I received two christmases ago

I bought some really cool fabric a few weeks ago

it will be for throw pillows and dog beds. I found someone to make me the pillows and beds. but I just love this chair and anything orange lately

isn't it funny how with time (or maybe just age) your tastes change? we emptied the attic yesterday and found boxes of stuff that just isn't my style anymore. I hate that guilt you feel when you want to get rid of something but the sentimental part keeps you from parting with it. I don't think I could ever part from these chairs...


Anonymous said...

Hey Tracey,
I just wanted to tell you that I recently saw these same Target chairs on the Decor8 blog too and totally felt in love!! They are so beautiful, aren't they? :) And I like the fabrics you have bought- they are really pretty! Are they from some local fabric store (please don't say Joanne ;)), I've been looking for some similar ones for "props" for my newborn sessions lately.

And since I see that you are going to be moving, I just wanted to wish you best of luck! Looks like you have found your dream house (pics look beautiful)!

Anonymous said...

you say that now about that chair but you just wait! i love those chairs too!

Brooke W said...

are you finally going to open those boxes? :)