Tuesday, January 20, 2009

wouldn't this freak you out?

I decided to do a bit of laundry tonight even though I didn't want to go out in the wind and chilly weather. I am trying to prepare myself for the actual cold weather in indy. sophie and stewart ran out of the house and within seconds of entering the laundry room I heard sophie frantically barking. and she wouldn't quit. I always get scared to go out because I am afraid of what I might find. AND we do not have outdoor lights so it is walking in the dark with only the glow of light from the laundry room window. this is what I found:

hanging on for his dear life at the top of our fence. before we adopted stewart they told us that he can jump 8 feet fences. when I saw him AND sophie jumping to almost the top of the fence, I knew this might end up being very nasty. luckily I was able to sway stewart in but sophie, on the other hand, was very hard. I ran stewart in and ran back outside hoping the possum would not fall because I knew sophie would try to eat it or the possum might attack her. I chased her inside and locked the door. forget laundry!