Wednesday, January 07, 2009



I knew I was out of shape. I had NO IDEA I was this out of shape. I completed level one on this video and I felt like I was going to pass out. I felt nauseous. I am completely out of shape. the other problem with doing this for 30 days straight is that I can't move today. I am SERIOUS! I have a hard time walking because my legs hurt SO bad. to get to the laundry room, I have to go down 3 steps and I have to hold on to the side of the house to help myself down. I was going to attempt day 2 but I could not even do a single jumping jack. oh, and I didn't even use real weights, I used soup cans! hopefully tomorrow will be better.


Tania said...

T, this post made me laugh (out loud).
How long is the workout each day?
Just curious.

Brooke W said...

haha. give it a few days and try again:)

Lara said...

so is it fun?

Mairzey Dotes said...

You crack me up...and now I know that I am in good company. (I the company of those out of shape...I'm not working out! ha!)