Friday, January 23, 2009

i love surprises

I can't believe I forgot to post about my surprise for my husband for christmas. it was my best one yet. and I say that because I CAN NOT KEEP A SECRET. unless you tell me a secret and tell me not to tell anyone, I won't. I still have a secret hidden in me that my best friend, laura edwards, told me in the 5th grade. we aren't even friends anymore. so back to my surprise. we had been wanting to get iphones. really bad. I am not into the always-on-your-phone-everywhere-you-go-person but I heard this phone was sweet. so we looked and looked at them. we decided they were too much to spend right now since we are moving. dad called me one day and said, open your christmas gift. so I did! and he had gotten me an iphone! woohoo! I had to keep it a secret from bry because I wanted to get him one. so I did. it was really, really hard. when he was away at work, I would run to my bathroom, unwrap it from the towel it was in and play. it is addicting. and now I am one of those always-on-your-phone-everywhere-you-go-person except in stores, the movies and at restaurants. well, kind of.
christmas morning my husband unwrapped this:

wow, a coat, he was probably thinking. try it on, try it on, I said.

it has lots of nice pockets, I said. then he reached the inside pocket and the smile appeared on his face. he found it!

I had sent him a text that appeared as soon
as he turned on his phone that said:
merry christmas. can you believe I kept this a secret!?


the rodriguez crew said...

tracey, this is the most adorable post!!! what a GREAT surprise (WELL DONE!) ... and i love that you can genuinely see how happy he is with even the COAT - not even knowing the greater surprise in store! TOO SWEET. love it.

shannon said...

That is the cutest story!!! I must say, I love my iphone too!

Rosie Toesies said...

Very Cute!