Wednesday, January 07, 2009

decorating, decorating

one of the reasons I love moving is to be able to decorate a new space. I am so excited about our guest room! I think our most frequent guest will be a little girl named elsa. I want to make her room really special. I remember when I used to visit my aunt "aud" and it was always so special and homey. she used to tuck us into bed and sit and talk for hours. really. these pieces will make her room really special:
love this pillow handmade by manic muffin

LOVE nettie pete quilts

I really wanted a kitchen for elsa to play with but I don't want to buy something plastic and most wood ones I've found are made in china. I thought a great alternative would be a playhouse from miss pretty pretty. then when she is not using it, I can put it away. I also love that this is a handmade.

when we moved to our house we found an old wood bed in the attic. I will be repainting it and distressing it. I am also really excited to have all of our vintage books that we have found over the last few years. 35 days!!!


Alice S said...

You sound like a wonderful aunt! I love the owl pillow that you found and will have to check out the shop that sells it. I can highly recommend the playhouses from miss pretty pretty. I gave my little girl a pink cottage for Christmas. Its adorable and she loves to read books to her baby dolls in it.

Brooke W said...

...and counting

car said...

when i was little that owl would've totally scared me - it's eyes are huge. but i'm sure lil' e is way more adjusted than i was. haha!