Sunday, January 25, 2009

8 years later

moving back to indy to me is so surreal. I still feel like it isn't going to happen. as though something will fall through BUT it is becoming more real every day. we finished most of the kitchen yesterday

I hate to see it empty and boxes have begun to fill our breakfast room

and I began to reflect on the past 8 years of my life here in florida (in a random order)
~met my husband after living here for 4 months

~was lucky enough to get married at a beautiful, historic resort

~had malignant melanoma in 2003 and BEAT IT!

~gained a sister-in-law

a mother-in-law

and a brother-in-law

and another brother-in-law

~adopted stewart from lab rescue

~adopted sophie from someone at work

~began tiny sprouts on a whim (my first office)

~celebrated bry becoming a partner for outback steakhouse

~celebrated bry NOT being a partner for outback and living again

~met and fell in love with chloe and later said goodbye

~lived on the beach for 6 months

~elsa was born in 2005

~got engaged in key west!!!

~had to say goodbye to caesar.

~attended a good friend's funeral
and spoke about him in front of 200 people.

~attended emma claire's funeral in 2007

~celebrated the birth of brennan in 2007

~bought 3 homes in 5 years:
first (sniff, sniff)

second (only lived there for 6 months)

third (current)

~vacationed in jamaica, mexico, belize, san fransisco, kansas city, miami, bahamas, washington dc, key west

~had lots of visits from brooke

~met 3 great & true friends; heather, jen and kerri

~santos (aka mr. puppy) has been with us through it all

it has been a great 8 years and I can't wait to see what the next 8 bring!


Brooke W said...

Oh, Santos! He HAS been with you through it ALL! You had to have been crying when you wrote that.

Jennifer Williams said...

oh this has to me one of my favorite posts ever! what a wonderful life you have!

Kim P said...

It's so exciting! Hang onto your memories, but think of all the wonderful adventures that await you up North! p.s. I'm a malignant melanoma survivor too (since 2006) - Kim from Boston, Avery's mom

Cade and Cora said...

Wow, Tracey! Awesome! That had me teary! A lot can happen in 8 years and I know how excited they are awaiting your arrival in Indy! Best Wishes!

Amanda said...

I thought about you today...just out of the blue. So I googled you, and here I am. I know we weren't friends for long but reading your blog made me sad that I missed out on those eight years. Your a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart. Best wishes.
Amanda "Paducah" Milanes