Sunday, November 02, 2008


I can't believe it is november! and also that I haven't blogged for a week! I was just not in the mood to write and then all of the sudden, at 1 a.m. I felt like it before bed.

I am in indy now and it is NOT cold. in fact, it was 68 today. tomorrow we are heading to brown county and I can't wait. I just hope it gets cold overnight. I want to stroll the streets drinking hot apple cider, wearing mittens and wishing it were a bit warmer out.

thursday morning I woke up by an alarm and it always catches me off guard. I wake up and immediately think, why did I set the alarm? it is so nice being able to wake up in the morning and not feeling rushed. I felt rushed because I still had to pack a few things before my flight. in the midst of it all, I couldn't find my cell phone. I hate traveling without it because as soon as my husband drops me off at the airport I want to call him to hear his voice. before he dropped me off we went to the post office so I could mail ts packages. in the basket was my cell phone. yeah!

I am standing in line checking luggage and I pull out my wallet to grab my ID. I then realize that I don't have my ID, only my old ID with my maiden name. the only reason I have my old ID is to show it when I use my credit card that has my maiden name. 4 years later. I quickly grab my cell phone (thankfully, right?) and call my husband so he can bring it to me. and being the morbid person I am, I began thinking, is the reason I forgot my ID so I can see my husband one last time before I board my flight...I hate those thoughts but I have always been that way.

I arrive at the southwest gate and they were about to pre-board. the guy announces, now boarding seats A17-A30. I was A26. I walked up and handed my ticket. he looked at it, looked at me and said, you are A26, you have to board in numerical order. am I really supposed to ask, who has A25? I felt like I was in the scene of "meet the fockers" when greg is at the airport trying to board early, no one is waiting but the lady makes him wait until his row is called.

I arrive in indy and later drove past the house I wanted to rent. it became unavailable a week before I was to look at it. so I drove past it last night, rolled the window down and screamed.

wednesday before I left I felt like getting my hair cut. and not me cutting it. so I went to a salon (I think I have only been to one once in my entire life, or at least one that did not think perming hair was cool.). I said, cut my hair, make it choppy and vintage looking. the guy looks at me and I know what he thought. I was crazy. he cut my hair and then began to style it. and by styling I mean curling and using hairspray. I tried not to cry. I haven't used hairspray since 7th grade when bangs were popular. as soon as I looked at my hair I thought I was going to the prom. I quickly exit, mall walk to my car, get home, stewart howled at the door because he didn't recognize me (I swear) and I ran in and took a shower.
so that is what was missed in a week of me not blogging. and this:

holiday line will be up on monday. promise!


Brooke W said...

missed you, friend!

Derice said...

The holiday line looks great! Very merry.